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I started crafting late in my life quite by accident. My three girls, then children, wanted to paint plaster Christmas ornaments. Manned with the instructions enclosed in a kit of twelve ornaments, we each painted three ornaments. Surprise!! I found that I could follow the instructions and actually painted a nice set of ornaments. Next came plaster craft houses, which I found relieved the stress after doing 10 hours of work that was cramped into an 8 hour day.

In 1995, my husband let me quit work for a couple of months. Well I ended up retiring, thanks to my wonderful husband. Every time I talked about getting a job, he would have some excuse for me to put it off. I think he liked having me at home, when he got home from work. Bless his sweet heart. Yes, I know I am spoiled!!

One day while visiting my favorite craft mall, I asked about booth rent and next thing I know I had rented a booth. At that time, I didn't even know what I was going to craft. Hello!! After picking up several crafting magazines, I discovered some really cute patterns for painted wood crafts. That started it all. Now I design, cut, and paint my own pieces. And, I love to play with the shop toys. You know the band saw, scroll saw, belt sander etc. I have always wanted to play with the boys toys, just didn't have an excuse. Now I use the shop more than my husband, who has spoiled me yet again, by purchasing some incredibly nice saws and sanders to aid me in my crafts.

The pieces you see on the web site are my own designs. However, I must give credit to my husband, sister and children for providing me with some of the ideas. It really is a family affair. I hope you will have as much enjoyment in owning or giving these pieces as gifts as I have had in creating them.

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